This page gathers the available getting-started material to work with the C++ Software Development Kit (SDK). The C++ SDK allows programming imperix controllers (B-Box RCP and B-Board PRO) using the Eclipse-based imperix Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

The imperix C++ SDK includes the following components:

  • Imperix IDE: This Integrated Development Environment (IDE) allows to comfortably develop control code. It is based on the popular Eclipse software and supports features such as auto-completion, refactoring, and syntax checking.

  • BB Control: This utility software provides a graphical user interface to load code, monitor, and control the B-Box RCP or B-Board PRO during run time. It is mostly useful for debugging and validating control code at the system level.

  • Toolchain: This contains all the necessary software libraries, drivers, and compiling tools to work with imperix controllers.

Graphical programming from Simulink or PLECS is also possible, using the ACG SDK:
Getting started with the imperix ACG SDK

Available documentation

Installation and utilisation guide

PN146: Installation and utilisation of CPP SDK


PN147: CPP SDK troubleshooting

Loading code and monitoring

PN139: Getting started with BB Control

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