This note gives step-by-step instructions in order to install the Software Development Kit (SDK) for the Automated Code Generation (ACG) from Simulink or PLECS.

A general overview of software-related notes is given on this page.

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Product description

The Automated Code Generation (ACG) SDK enables engineers to program imperix controllers directly from Matlab Simulink or PLECS. This Software Development Kit (SDK) provides a blockset and an automated toolchain to achieve both simulation and device programming with just a few clicks. The kit also includes BB Control, the built-in software tool for real-time access, monitoring, and tuning of the controllers' variables.

Required software

ACG SDK used with



Imperix tools

Imperix ACG SDK

Main simulation software

Matlab Simulink


Plant simulation plug-in

None required

Licensing policy


Licensing policy

Imperix ACG SDK

Free software. Paid license only for loading code on B-Box or B-Board.

Matlab Simulink

Paid license issued by MathWorks

PLECS standalone

Paid license issued by Plexim (trial version available)

PLECS blockset for Simulink

PLECS blockset

Paid license issued by Plexim (trial version available)

PLECS viewer

No license (editing of model disabled)

Simscape Power Systems

Paid license issued by MathWorks

Installing the software

In order to generate run-time code for B-Box RCP or B-Board PRO, and/or simulate this code, the necessary software must be installed on a computer:

  1. Imperix ACG SDK

  2. The main simulation software (Matlab Simulink or PLECS)

  3. In case Simulink is used, for simulation: a plant simulation software (Simscape Power Systems or PLECS blockset for Simulink). With PLECS, no extra simulation software is needed.

Supported versions


Supported versions

Operating system

> Windows 8 (not tested on Windows 7 - macOS not supported)


> R2016a


> 4.4.2

Imperix ACG SDK

The ACG SDK can be downloaded directly from imperix’s website, under Support > Downloads.

Download the latest version and follow the install instructions.

It is highly recommended to keep the default destination folder C:\imperix\BB3_ACG_SDK and to avoid spaces or special characters in the pathname.

Main simulation software

A compatible version of Matlab Simulink can be downloaded directly from MathWorks' website. The compatible versions are R2016a and newer.

To activate a Matlab installation, a paid license issued by MathWorks is needed. This license is neither provided nor sold by imperix.

When prompted (figure below), select the following products during the installation :

  • Matlab Simulink

  • Embedded Coder

  • Matlab Coder

  • Simulink Coder

They are the only mandatory packages to start working.

Mex compiler add-on

When installed, launch Matlab and make sure that a MEX compiler for C language is installed.

The list of available compilers can be displayed with the Matlab command mex -setup.

If no compiler is configured, you can install MinGW-w64 directly from Matlab’s Add-Ons menu.

  • On the MATLAB Home tab, in the Environment section, click Add-Ons > Get Add-Ons.

  • Search for MinGW or select from Features.

Alternatively, download and execute the installer proposed in the Matlab article "MATLAB Support for MinGW-w64 C/C++ Compiler".

[Option 2] PLECS Standalone

A compatible version of PLECS Standalone Packages can be downloaded directly from Plexim’s website. The compatible versions are 4.4.2 and newer, in 64-bit.

To use PLECS with Imperix ACG SDK, a paid license is required. Both PLECS and PLECS Coder licenses are needed. These licenses are neither provided nor sold by imperix.

Installing “Imperix Controllers” support package on PLECS Standalone

In order to use Imperix library on PLECS standalone, “Imperix Controllers” support package needs to be installed.

  • Launch PLECS and click on File > PLECS Preferences.

  • In the Coder tab, change the Target support packages path and select the path to the “Imperix Controllers” support package installed with the Imperix ACG SDK.

  • If the Imperix ACG SDK default destination was not changed, the target support packages path is C:\imperix\BB3_ACG_SDK\plecs.

  • Once the correct path entered, the “Imperix Controllers” should appear under Installed targets.

Note: When using multiple Target Support packages, PLECS requires that they are placed in the same folder. Therefore, the Imperix_Controllers support package folder in C:\imperix\BB3_ACG_SDK\plecs can be moved to any location on your computer.

Plant simulation software

When using Simulink, third-party plug-in software and blocksets may be useful to ideally support computer-based offline simulation. Imperix recommends using

  • Plexim’s PLECS Blockset for Simulink, or

  • MathWorks’ Simscape Power Systems.

PLECS Blockset

The same installer includes the files for either:

  • PLECS Blockset: allows to create, edit, save and simulate a PLECS electrical circuit inside Simulink. It requires a paid license from Plexim. The license is neither provided nor sold by imperix.

  • PLECS Viewer: allows only to view and simulate a PLECS electrical circuit that has been exported to work with PLECS Viewer. It is free of use, but doesn’t allow to edit the circuit schematic.

Simscape Power Systems

Simscape Power Systems is a Simulink toolbox that allows to model and simulate electrical power systems. It requires a paid license from MathWorks. The license is neither provided nor sold by imperix.

To install Simscape Power Systems, re-run the Matlab installer and select Simscape Power Systems in the list of products to install.

Further reading

Getting-started instructions regarding the ACG SDK can be found in the following notes