This document provides instructions on how to use imperix ACG blockset starting from a blank Simulink model.

This feature has been integrated in ACG SDK version which is available from

  • Create a blank Simulink model (R2020a: accept when asked to switch to ert.tcl)

  • Go in Model Configuration Parameters (Ctrl + E) -> Code Generation

  • Browse for a System target file and select imperix_ACG_SDK.tlc

  • Add imperix Configuration block to Model

    • Either through the Library Browser under the imperix section

    • Or by typing “Configuration” directly within the model

  • That’s it!


imperix_ACG_SDK.tlc is not available in the Model Configuration Parameters

  • In MATLAB, go in C:\imperix\BB3_ACG_SDK\simulink\target and run imperix_ACG_SDK_setup.m to add paths for the imperix target to the MATLAB path.
    The savepath command make the setup persistent but may not execute if you do not have admin rights on the computer (check MATLAB logs).

  • An alternative is to use a startup script: create a file named startup.m which contains the following code and place it in a folder which is in the MATLAB search path (for instance the MATLAB folder found in the Documents directory). If this script already exists, just add the commands to the end of the file.

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