This page documents the common problems users can encounter during code development using an Eclipse-based environment such as the imperix C++ IDE.

Resource is out of sync with file system

Due to an Eclipse bug (Bug 415531), the refresh policy resources are not tracked through a project rename.

To fix this issue:

  1. Click on C/C++ Build and select the Refresh Policy tab

  2. Delete the resource with the old name

  3. Click Add Resource... and select the folder with the name of the project and click OK

  4. Click Apply and Close

Launching BB_Control has encountered a problem

When the button Launch in ‘Run’ mode is clicked, the BB Control launch configuration transmits ${project_loc} to BB Control, this variable contains the path to the project. If no project is selected then this variable is empty and the above error message is displayed.

To avoid this issue, make sure your project is open and selected before clicking on the launch button.

Function could not be resolved

After renaming a project or installing a new SDK version, Eclipse may lose track of the imperix library functions. To solve this issue simply do:

  • Right-click on the project → Index → Rebuild

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