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Objective statement

This note presents a possible approach in order to apply a pre-recorded setpoint/reference profile, assuming the following constraints:

  • The profile may be more complex than a simple succession of steps.

  • It should be possible to apply the profile using BB Control in order to log the system response during run-time.

Proposed solution

The proposed solution mainly uses a 1D lookup table in Simulink, in combination with an enabled subsystem containing a discrete counter.

This solution operates as follows:

  • The counter produces the indices, which are used inside the lookup table to access a pre-recorded vector of data (e.g. mytable).

  • The counter is located inside an enabled subsystem, so that the counter is normally reset, and only starts counting when desired.

  • The variable that is used to enable the subsystem can be triggered from within BB Control.

Inside BB Control, the profile can be activated by properly configuring the datalogger:

  • The length of the scoping window should be configured at least as long as the pre-recorded profile (here 1000 points, while the pre-recorded profile is 400 samples long).

  • The transient generator can be used to set the apply_profile variable to 1 at the beginning of the window, and back at 0 at the end of the window. Meanwhile, the profile is repeated if needed.

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